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Slideways Photograph
Guatemala Kitten by Khaitu
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The web's photographs

Slideways puts images from your favourite social media sites right into the palm of your hand. Now you can view and enjoy your friends’ latest arty photographs on a bus, a train or anywhere that you can get an internet connection, be it WiFi or over a celullar network.

If you find a site without an RSS feed, you can still view it through Slideways. No problems.

Ken Burns Effect

Art at your fingertips

The Slideways Gallery puts all the photograph collections you are interested in at your fingertips. Simply scroll through the gallery, choose a slideshow, sit back and enjoy the art as it slides past.

Slideways allows you to add any number of exhibitions to your gallery. You can always reorder them based which are your favourites.

The Ken Burns experience

Have you ever missed those beautiful iPhoto slideshows on your Mac and wished you could have them on your iPhone too? Slideways brings this mesmerising experience literally, to your fingertips.

Just put your phone in a cradle or simply stand it up horizontally and watch those captivating photographs glide across the screen.


Available today

Slideways is available on Apple's App Store across all geographies right now. At $0.99, we'd say it's a steal! Get it here.

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