Korama Theme

korama screenshot

Korama is an attempt to create a visually appealing theme fitting to Mac OS X.

This is my second attempt at an Amarok theme, and is inspired purely on the fact that I can now run Amarok natively under Tiger using Qt/Mac.

One needs to have installed the CoreWebFonts from Microsoft (available for free on linux) to view the theme properly

For some reason, I have not to date been able to get Pngs to display their alpha layer properly under OS X, so I do not know entirely how this will be displayed under KDE/Linux.

It was rather difficult to get shadows working at all on a curved box, and the result is the best I could do. Hopefully the Amarok developer team will create a more flexible (X)HTML markup in future releases to take full advantage of the power of CSS.

There are bugs in the khtml rendering engine (again, I have only tested on OS X) which cause long titles sometimes to disappear and with them, other contents of some of the boxes.

I have uploaded a new version of this theme called KoramaIce. This is an “Aqua” version of the theme, which was requested on kde-look.org

Download Korama: File
Download KoramaIce: File

Any comments, suggestions, complaints, please post a comment and I will get back to you. I hope this theme will be of use.


Number: 01

Date: 25.12.05

jmiahman said:

It would be awesome if there was an aqua theme, or a blue theme istead of yellow. Is there a way to create a brushed theme also?

Number: 02

Date: 26.12.05

Khaitu replied:

Yes - I will prepare different colour themes when I have time. Blue, red, orange... anything else?

Number: 03

Date: 28.12.05

Guitarman said:

Here's a quick hack for a blue to match Baghira.


Great looking theme. My only complaint is the size of the fonts in the pane, but I can remedy that myself. Thanx for the theme.

Number: 04

Date: 29.12.05

Khaitu replied:

The size of the fonts in the pane? Could you elaborate? Do you mean the title in the top box? Perhaps you're right...

Number: 05

Date: 18.01.06

Guitarman said:

Sorry it took me so long to post again. The font size for the song names is a little too small for me, but I'm running 1280x1024 res, so that's probably the difference. Maybe one point size would help, or bold them. The title bar fonts are ok in size, just need to be bolded to make them easier to see. The white font kind of blends in with the shading on the title bars.

As I said, nothing I can't deal with, just personal preference.

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