Amarok Control

Amarok Control is a pretty self-explanatory dashboard widget that controls Amarok via dcop commands. Perhaps some day, it will be usable in KDE 4 as the widget itself is rather basic.

Amarok Control

To do:

  • Volume slider
  • Progress slider
  • Review design
  • Add display playlist option

Currently requires KDE to be installed at: /KDE

Download Amarok Control: File

Any comments, suggestions, complaints, please post a comment and I will get back to you. I hope this theme will be of use.


Number: 01

Date: 14.02.06

Tobias said:

Interesting. Could you please include leads to follow if I want to build Amarok for Tiger?

Number: 02

Date: 29.05.06

anonymous said:

Inspired by Mike Oldfield's 60-minute opus, Amarok?

Number: 03

Date: 29.05.06

Ian said:

Any chance of querying amarok on a remote system? I made a dcop ssh wrapper script (ssh remotesystem dcop $*) and put the path to it in the widget config, and got nothing. It seems that the dcop wrapper never gets called. Does the widget need an actual KDE installation on my Mac, even to query a remote system?

Number: 04

Date: 09.01.06

Ian said:

Never mind! I forgot to put the shebang line on top of my dcop wrapper script. It works well now, if a bit sluggish due to the ssh handshaking process.

Number: 05

Date: 24.12.08

adam said:

i just installed the widget and it is working perfectly, but it is not displaying correctly. the track-forward button is beneath the widget, slightly to the left of track-backward button.

Number: 06

Date: 25.12.08

Khaitu replied:

Hi Adam

I am afraid that I haven't updated this widget for about 3 years now so I really don't know whether it still works or not. Feel free to edit it though as it is GPL

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