Today I finally got round to uploading a beta version of Ubikuo Notes after battling with the server and MySQL. But I must say I have a rather satisfied feeling about me even though there is still a lot more to do.

The project is basically a "sticky notes" application with an extra kick. The loads are stored on the Ubikuo servers and are dynamically updated via AJAX. This means that viewing and editing can be done in real-time from multiple locations across the globe and eventually from any device. Neat? I think so.

In parallel with the web project, I am working on the Tiger (Mac OS X) Dashboard widget which will grab stored notes off the Ubikuo server and show them on the Dashboard. All the updating / retrieving to and from the web is done transparently to the user. If a note is updated on the web, the Dashboard widget updates its contents to reflect that. Neat? I thought so.

What more? I think a Konfabulator widget is in good order once I get a breather. And then by that time Windows Vista will be out, so I imagine that a Vista "Gadget" will be a good idea.

Will this ever end? Will it catch on?

View it at ubikuo.net


Number: 01

Date: 28.02.06

Tamaulipas said:

Hola, dejame felicitarte por tus super notas, me gustaron mucho, y poco a poco les hare promocion, me gustaria decirte que soy un buen ingeniero y k mis amigos tambien y estamos muy emocionados con tu trabajo, pero no. Somos economistas, yo soy economista y aunque me gusto mucho el trabajo, no se apreciar el alcance tecnologico que implica tu esfuerzo.

Un saludo

de vez en cuando ve mi blog


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