Ubikuo Overload

It so happens that once in a while one become really caught up in something that without realising it, other things are washed by without seemingly much importance until of course the something interesting ends and you are left trying to figure out everything else.

In my case, this something happens to be Ubikuo version 1.0 beta which I released today. After a long hard push to finish my somewhat stalled efforts, a final product is within reach.

Version 1.0 beta relates to the web interface which I hope is now a lot more intuitive, clean and beautiful than before; the Dashboard widget for Mac OS X which is finally in beta; and the mobile interface which hopefully is finished.

So why not check it out. Macs are obviously cooler what with the Dashboard effects and all, but I think that the web version is pretty cool too.

Enjoy it at ubikuo.net 


Number: 01

Date: 04.07.12

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