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One of my big problems is that I am never completely satisfied with my creations, be they software or design. I was reminded of this fundamental fact today as I was tinkering around (yet again!) with the design of Damnit - I wish I could just leave it alone and concentrate on the content, but there are always niggling little things that eventually end up robbing me of my time. And even now that I have updated the site, I know that there are a few thing which need fixing. The point? I'm not sure, but at least I take consolation in the fact that the experience can't be a bad thing, right? Considering that I started this venture without much of a clue as to design in part I guess due to the fact that I did my masters in Engineering and not Design! Oh well, at least I now know which of the two vocations I feel most orientated towards... What? Am I to spill the beans on one of those oh, so hard questions that one seeks and answer to in one's life? Not today ;)


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