Safari 3 Surprise

Apple have just released the latest version of their web browser, Safari in their latest update to OS X Tiger. Having used the beta for some time now, I didn't think this would be a big deal. Happily, there is more than meets the eye in 3.0.4. Apple has updated the somewhat toned down DOM Inspector available in previous versions to a really nice and polished tool more like Firebug, the web developer's ultimate extension to Firefox.

DOM Inspector a la Firebug

Apple appears to have borrowed some eye candy from iTunes to make the tool visually appealing while at the same time very useful to web developers. In the screenshot you can see a console, network data and of course all the relevant page assets. On top of this, in a separate view, one can inspect each element on a page, accessible via a context menu. Inspecting elements brings up another window with as much information as one would expect to be able to debug CSS / HTML issues.

Inspect Element Window

One feature I find missing though I have found is a comprehensive Javascript debugger like the one included with Firebug. This alone will keep me developing with Firebug, though if Apple continues improving this tool, it will make Safari a very compelling platform to develop with. 


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