Microsoft's Webslices

Microsoft has announced support for a new idea called WebSlices in the new version of its Internet Explorer web browser. From its site:

WebSlices are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Developers for Web sites to connect with users by allowing users to subscribe to content directly within a Web page. WebSlices behave just as feeds do, where clients can subscribe to get updates and notification of changes.

Unfortunately the problem this feature solves is already pretty robustly fixed with RSS and this is widely implemented across the web. What is more, RSS is not going to go away as it has become the standard way of syndicating content and has a wide user base. This is interesting because Microsoft specifically states that WebSlices aims to solve the problem of implementing RSS.

I don't personally understand really why Microsoft sees it necessary to re-invent something that works really well. What is more, polling fullwebpages is a bad idea because by design RSS feeds are meant to be a lightweight version of content so that servers are not hit by heavy requests every time they are polled.

The verdict is out there on whether this specification will be stillborn. 


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