Mapache Released

Mapache was released last week to the general public as an alpha version. While development is still ongoing, it is possible to try out the functionality that Mapache will provide though without bells and whistles.

From the Mapache page:

Mapache is a utility for Web Developers that develop on a Mac and need a quick and easy way to set up the built-in Apache Web Server. Voilá the missing Apache Preference Pane for Leopard! Mapache supports editing of the main Apache host, including path, port, access restriction, access order and a few options. Mapache also makes it easy to enable Leopard's built-in PHP module and also Virtual Hosts -- both are switched off by default. A second pane makes it easy to add/delete or edit as many Virtual Hosts as you like along with various options.

Mapache has been listed on VersionTracker and MacUpdate but you can also find more information by looking at the Mapache Software Page.


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