Khaitu Reborn

I deployed a new khaitu today. It follows a few months of design and coding in my spare time but I'm glad it has made it to fruition.

For the backend I went with Ruby on Rails because I feel that I have outgrown PHP - not that its a bad language, its just that it feels like its all over the place. In contrast Ruby on Rails makes development intuitive and I have to say that it is great for agile development - just as it says on the tin! After trying it out, I don't think I can go back. Having said this though, there are aspects of RoR that I am not happy about, but I will write about these things in a separate post.

With regards to the frontend, I wanted a more bright feel to the site. I also wanted to try something new.

So Khaitu has been reborn as something more than a blog now. I intend to use it as a portal to software which I am developing and also to provide a nicer place to put my projects such as Amarok on Qt/Mac which has received lots of attention (though now with KDE 4.0 just around the corner I think its days are numbered). 


Number: 01

Date: 26.02.08

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