iTunes Shuffle

Is is just me? Am I going mad? I have read one or two articles about the shuffle algorithm Apple uses in its iTunes software, but I think the conclusion was that it was actually random. I beg to differ. In my experience to date, iTunes definitely has a preference for some artists over others. What is more, it also decides to play these tracks quite close to one another. Now I don't know if this arose out of their attempt to allow finer control for the user over how often iTunes should play but basically their algorithm is fundamentally flawed.

iPods and iPhones

Funnily enough this awful algorithm seems to have been implemented on the latest portable music players from Apple. My iPhone drives me nuts by playing the same tracks over and over again every day despite the fact that there is a wide variety of music on it. My old iPod Mini never used to do that but I think that it was produced before the time that Apple was trying to be clever.

Apple. Please give us back true randomness! 


Number: 01

Date: 23.03.09

Maggie said:

Agreed! Its uber lames, I feel kinda jibbed :(

Number: 02

Date: 10.08.09

Gavin said:

Have you tried iTunes DJ? It is heaps good and seems to randomise songs more like how you would expect.

Number: 03

Date: 05.07.12

Kamren said:

Number: 04

Date: 14.07.12

Debrah said:

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