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Going abroad with an iPhone that you want to work without costing you exorbitant amounts of money can be a little exasperating, especially when you have to navigate around hard-to-use mobile phone company websites in foreign languages. Spain is no different in this respect and after a quick review of the three leading companies' websites (Movistar, Orange and Vodafone) it seemed like getting the iPhone onto a network was going to be both frustrating and expensive.

Once in Spain though, a quick trip to The Phone House (The Carphone Warehouse in other countries) revealed that my best option was in fact neither of the big guys, but rather a newcomer in the Spanish telecoms market called Yoigo, and I have to say that despite hesitations, the experience has been very good.

Yoigo runs its own 3G networks in the major cities and (in Madrid at least) coverage is very good. I would guess that added to the fact that the company is relatively new and therefore user numbers are below dominant operator levels, the service is very fast as well. Outside the cities, Yoigo users' phones switch to Movistar which provides arguably the best coverage in Spain, which is good given that there are many remote small villages which tend to be left out.

The Yoigo brand has an informal easy-to-understand feel to it which is reflected in its pricing too. Not only are contract and pay-as-you-go prices identical - the only difference being that with a contract you are automatically billed via your bank account - but there are only two plans, keeping things simple. Prices are competitive too.

The data plan however - the most important part for iPhone/Smartphone users - puts all other operators to shame. Not only is it (like the talk plans) the same both for pay-as-you-go and contract users, but it is cheap (at least for Spain) at 0.12 cents per kB capped at €1.20 per day.

Hopefully the incumbents will start to follow suit making the mobile data market more competitive as more data-intensive users move over to Yoigo, but for now and for short stays, Yoigo is just what I was looking for.


Number: 01

Date: 07.07.09

Aik Ooi said:

Does the 3G really work on iPhone without contract? I'm in Barcelona trying to shop for a prepaid SIM card and having the hardest time trying to find a consensus answer.

Number: 02

Date: 08.07.09

khaitu replied:

It most certainly does. Mobile operators give uncertain answers probably because the salespeople have never tried or they don't want to guarantee something which is not official.

Yoigo is a great solution for pay-as-you-go users in Spain wanting to use their iPhones and coverage should be good in Barcelona too.

Number: 03

Date: 08.06.10

clea said:

I face the same situation: I already have my Iphone and I want to use it with Yoigo, the problem is that they don't manage to do the right settings on my Iphone. Do you know how I can resolve it ?

Number: 04

Date: 08.06.10

Khaitu replied:

I believe the Yoigo settings are:

APN: internet

No username or password is required.

Number: 05

Date: 15.08.10

Peter said:

I have gotten a yoigo sim card an talk works. However I am not able to get the data to work. I have tried (APN: INTERNET with no password or username) and (APN: INTERNET USERNAME + PASSWORD: guest) neither has worked. At the moment I am on the movistar network because I am out of BCN. Could this be the problem? I have turned data roaming off and on to see if that would help, but no luck.

Number: 06

Date: 27.08.10

Andy said:

It certainly does work, It is also case saenstavive i believe so you need to enter the APN as Internet (with a capital I) and leave the other fields blank. Also go to the My Yoigo section to check you have the Bono 8 data plane activated.

I needed to set these values manually in my Iphone 3G. They were not set by the card and i never received any info fro Yoigo.

Number: 07

Date: 31.08.10

Francesca said:

Grazie!! Mi รจ servito moltissimo! Oggi ho comprato una sim Yoigo ma non riuscivo a connettermi con il mio Iphone. Allora ho chiamato il numero 622 ma non sapevano dirmi come dovevo configurarlo. Adesso ci sono riuscita e navigo alla grande :-)

Number: 08

Date: 10.09.10

Conchita M said:

Thank you so much. I don't have an Iphone cause I'm already fed-up with being tied down with a Blackberry Data plan with Movistar and decided not to do it again, not even for and Iphone or a Chocolate Biscuit (sorry childhood joke!). But now you have released me and I am now running toward my long awaited Iphone. Muchas Gracias....

Number: 09

Date: 11.11.10

Pete said:

Great info. Have friends that use Yoigo on PAYG around Malaga for voice and data. The service/price is excellent. Just waiting for the latest 5.14.02 baseband unlock for my iPhone 3GS then i'll be switching over too.

Number: 10

Date: 26.06.11


Actually there's no 5.14.02 baseband unlock for iPhone, and doubt there will be with focus on iOS 5 now. However, there is a way to unlock it using a different baseband. Will be posting a how to guide in the gameflavor.com/boards soon. Watch the forum for the thread update....

Number: 11

Date: 01.07.12

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Roby said:

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