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Following on from my previous review of using an iPhone abroad, this time I'll detail my experience in Mexico, which at first glance might seem like a crazy proposition was actually not a bad experience.

First off, there are a few operators amongst them Telcel and Iusacell. Now I admit that contrary to my research last time, in Mexico I quickly decided that the easiest way to get a 3G connection with the most coverage was going to be with Telcel. Compounded with the fact that Telcel is the only company that sells the iPhone in Mexico, this seemed like the best choice of operator.

Getting a SIM card was very easy, involving a trip to any of the many Telcel shops you can find in any city. Purchasing the physical SIM is however only the first step due to the new law which makes it obligatory for every user to register their card. As a foreign resident the process is more complicated than for most people. One has to go to a Telcel Customer Service centre to register details and get the SIM activated. This involves giving them your passport number.

While this last step is obviously a hassle, once it's done you're up and running. Surprisingly Telcel's 3G network is pretty decent and they have 3G coverage in places which one might not expect. The peak data rate just about allows streaming videos from YouTube and the data network doesn't appear congested which might seem obvious.

For some reason my SIM card doesn't allow changing any of the data settings for the networks such as APN, user, password but happily everything just worked including MMS.

Telcel's data plans are pretty decent as well being neither prohibitively expensive nor complicated. The best plan in my opinion is the $500 MXN add-on which will give you 6GB data for 1 month which is probably far more than most people use. To top that off, a single top-up of $500 MXN will give you a load of free Amigo minutes which is a nice bonus and means that if you don't make many calls you're sorted for 1 month for both voice and data!


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Date: 06.07.12

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