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Today I feel the need to complain about my new Mac. But before I start moaning, it is worth pointing out that I believe OS X to be an amazing operating system. Coming from the Windows platform to which most of the world has been tethered for since anyone cares to remember. Ever since the abbreviation GUI became a mainstream word, and people woke up to the fact that to use a computer did not need to entail typing obscure commands on a black screen. And before that time, of course, there was the Mac.

Indeed, I have come full circle, passing through Windows and Linux on the way. And all for what? To realise that I should have stuck to what felt best from the beginning? Well actually, the transition wasn't so easy. For a while it seemed that apple had got themselves stuck in a horrible mess, with the instability of System 7, the disappointment of System 8 and of course, the arrival of mainstream internet. But that is the past. I have seen the light and thankfully can enjoy the superiority of this operating system.

Yeah, yeah - we've heard it all before, but it really is all they make it up to be! Its great, and then it isn't so great...

The Finder - the program that enables us to view the filesystem, to double click on files to open them. A crucial part of the whole system, and yet I find it lacking somewhat. OS X has had 4 incarnations since its first release but as I use 10.4 or "Tiger" I find myself wishing that they had put a little more into it for advanced users. Having used Konqueror (the Finder equivalent for KDE - a Linux desktop) I can't help miss the convenience of being able to access ftp, sftp, samba, nls and many more services from the same window. The ftp build into OS X just seems like a half-hearted attempt in comparison! And what about an address bar that could be toggled? Tabs anyone? Of course, Konqueror is very lacking in other aspects and rather bloated in my opinion. Nevertheless I feel both could learn something from each other.

Oh, and icons. Why can't I see thumbnails when the Open/Save dialog pops up? This is a really useful feature of both KDE and Windows, and though the Finder does display thumbnails while browsing the file system, not so in dialog boxes. Arghh.


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Date: 12.07.12

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