Amarok on Qt/Mac

Having compiled KdeLibs on Qt/Mac, Amarok was pretty straightforward. It works pretty well but I'm not sure if there is an issue with my set up or just Qt/Mac in general regarding strange mouse events.

Anyway, with the paths set up properly the first task was to compile the Xine engine ( This is again pretty easy and I used the latest version (1.1.1). My configure options were:

./configure --prefix=/sw --enable-altivec --disable-nls --disable-vis --disable-mlib --enable-macosx-video --enable-coreaudio --disable-oss --disable-arts --disable-alsa --disable-gnome --disable-samba --disable-vcd --without-x --with-ogg-prefix=/sw/lib --with-vorbis-prefix=/sw/lib --with-libiconv-prefix

This compiled very cleanly and a quick make install later, I was ready to compile Amarok. My configure options were:

LDFLAGS="-undefined dynamic_lookup" ./configure --prefix=/KDE --enable-mac --without-arts --with-extra-libs=/sw/lib --with-extra-includes=/sw/include --with-qt-dir=/Developer/qt --without-gstreamer --without-opengl --without-included-sqlite --without-xmms --without-libvisual

I have included a patch this time because there are a few things which needed changing, among them the OSD which will not work. I have never programmed on a Mac and so I could not substitute X11 calls for Mac calls.

And the final result is as follows. The theme I am using is KoramaIce which I created (twin of Korama) inspired by my success at using Amarok on OS X.



Number: 01

Date: 08.01.06

f1 said:


this is just what i was looking for. you don't feel like putting together an .app package similar to to spare us (really... only me?) the compiling time? platypus could aid in the process.

Number: 02

Date: 08.01.06

f1 said:

Number: 03

Date: 09.01.06

Khaitu replied:

Good point. will enable links.

As to platypus and creating .app bundles, the process of creating KDE app bundles is somewhat complicated (at least in my case) by the fact that a Qt application will not accept the Mac Os (9) process identification parameter passed automatically to it by OS X. Thus, the solution I found ( was to create two packages, one with a link to the actual binary, and the other with a link to the link inside the first bundle, which strips out all command line parameters. However, this process is dependent on where one has KDE installed, and as I am not too sure how to go about compiling static libraries, my solution is tailored to my set up.

Perhaps with some help, I could manage this task, but I do not have the bandwidth to host such an app bundle.

Number: 04

Date: 05.02.06

anonymous said:

I'm sure there are many people willing to host an amaroK .app for OS X. I'd do it, nothing could be able to eat all my bandwith anyway.

Number: 05

Date: 05.02.06

Khaitu replied:

Ummm.... 45M a shot? I think thats what a static app would be at least (including qt, kde-libs and xine).

Anyway, I am currently contemplating an OS X port of Amarok. However, considering my experience (zero) in Cocoa programming (lets face it - it makes sense), this would probably take a while and a lot of effort. Does anyone know of any help or where to start?

Number: 06

Date: 06.02.06

anonymous said:

45MB shouldn't be a problem at all. :)

Just e-mail me and give me some way to download the binary onto my Mac, and I'll get it hosted for you.

I'm interested in that port idea of yours, but I wouldn't be able to help. In this world, there are those who can program, but there are many more of those who can't program at all.

Number: 07

Date: 07.03.06

anonymous said:

I'm too very interested in trying it out. I tried compilation, but failed. Is it possible to get a pre-compiled version? I could also provide BW / hosting, here is a sample link for speed testing:, email me if interested.


Number: 08

Date: 10.03.06

anonymous said:

I will also host a AmaroK.dmg on a web server with 10MB bandwidth and no usage limit.

Number: 09

Date: 23.03.06

maxim303 said:

i would absolutely love to try amarok on OSX, as it seems it have many interesting ideas itunes can benefit from. please compile a static binary if you get a chance :)

Number: 10

Date: 28.03.06

LiQuidZ said:

Hi, I've been trying to get amarok on my os x (10.4.5) but I get this error while configuring amarok: "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"

do you know a way to get throw it? thanks :)

Number: 11

Date: 31.03.06

Robertito said:

no se de lo que se hable aqui

Number: 12

Date: 21.04.06

viralcryption said:

ok so i have kde installed via the instructions on kde environment is working reasonably well. anyhow, the next step in the process is where i am lost. i am not a *nix geek, coder, etc. i tried compiling amarok through fink and after 24+ hours I don't have much to show for it. anyhow, about getting amarok running do you have a step by step process? like i said I have kde running "natively" in os x, but I have zero clue about that is next. any help would be great. itunes sucks and cog has a long way to go and i don't always want an extra pc box on to use foobar.

Number: 13

Date: 06.06.06

papo said:

Hello, first of all im useless with the terminal. But I NEED amarok my ibook. I cant stand itunes more. I´ve tried to install Kdelibs on Qt/Mac but I dont know what are the headers I need tu install from fink. Could anyone help me?

Second question: Am I crazy if I think of a working amarok.dmg for soon?

Thanks and keep working, please. ;)

Number: 14

Date: 06.06.06

Khaitu replied:

Papo: See post on Kdelibs page

Number: 15

Date: 22.06.06

Wulf said:

what about mac-x86?

I think than is everything a little bit different from --enable-altivec to the dependencies or not?

Number: 16

Date: 22.06.06

Khaitu replied:

I would imagine that if Fink works on x86, you could compile all the dependencies on it with no problem. Instead of the Altivec flag you should use SSE flags (if available). In any case, do a:

./configure --help

to see what compile options are available.

Number: 17

Date: 02.07.06

Alex said:

I love AmaroK, but I switched entirely to the Mac, so a easy to install would be appreciated. I once managed to get it working via fink but a binary as .dmg would be so much easier. I appreciate your work. Thanks

Number: 18

Date: 12.03.07

Troy Unrau said:

RangerRick has amarok 2 development packages for OS X available here:

Number: 19

Date: 18.04.07

Kenny said:

If you could make this, I think the best way to distribute it is via torrent; that's what the protocol was designed for before it was used to pirate movies. I would be more than happy to seed something like that.

Number: 20

Date: 29.05.07

Mortimer said:

I got it to install from Fink, but with Xine, there were problems with gstreamer.

For those interested, I developed triggers to control Amarok from the keyboard anywhere in OSX, without having to focus X11. They also provide a nicer OSD staying on top of everything.

Number: 21

Date: 15.06.07

Mike said:

There are a million free file hosting sites (Rapidshare springs to mind first although it's certainly not even close to the best.)

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