Adobe Photoshop CS4: If It Ain't Broke...

This is something that has been really bugging me recently. Adobe released their latest version of Creative Suite a while ago and I finally got it installed on my Macbook Pro at work. Now, my line of thinking was that this version surely had to be better than the previous one, especially regarding performance thanks to Adobe's leveraging of the GPU to perform a lot of the operations previously delegated to the CPU.

Wrong! Not only is Photoshop CS4 extremely buggy but I can't even make use of the GPU because for some reason Photoshop decides to render a load of very strange artifacts. But, not content with rendering GPU acceleration absolutely useless, Adobe decided to break the non-accelerated rendering engine as well. This make Photoshop CS4 maddeningly frustrating to use. To the point where I'm willing to live with the visual artifacts rather than have a screen that doesn't update when I apply changes. Yes - one has to force a screen refresh in order to see every change you make!

Why did Adobe have to mess around with the CS3 rendering engine? I don't know but I'm sure there a lot of pissed off people out there. Now I know that there is an update to CS4 which I have written this article out of sheer anger at Adobe for making my life that much harder for no apparent reason. Unbelievable.


Number: 01

Date: 17.06.09

Maggie said:

Hmm... Yeah I've been very scared to upgrade myself to the new cs4 packages, but I am very much sold on the contextual scaling

Number: 02

Date: 10.08.09

Gavin said:

I can't believe how buggy CS4 is and the lack of people complaining about it.

Number: 03

Date: 16.01.10

Mo said:

CS4 is buggy as shit. Clone stamp is buggy, scaling is buggy, slower refresh rates, the whole thing is a mess of a program. Back to CS3 for me.

Number: 04

Date: 04.02.10

Another James said:

CS4 is going to send me to the insane asylum. My eyes twitch with the flashing UI elements, Flash crashes, and Illustrator is not compatible with CS3 files. Based on the 6 designers here using it, CS3 to CS4 has to be the biggest failure since QuarkXPress 3.3 tried to go to QuarkXPress 5.

Check this out:


Number: 05

Date: 05.02.10

Khaitu replied:

Six months later and I can stand CS4 a little more, but one can only hope that the CS5 release on the horizon is more of an optimisation release rather than a cram-in-as-many-more-features-as-we-can release.

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